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Fuel injection trigger options. 2 months 3 weeks ago #31782

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Hi, thanks. Im still flipfloping in between to doit or not. Im scared to burn the pistons from too lean under load, otherwise cool fun project that is. I have no dyno, so tuning will be hard but apart of that im ready. I still have to figure out 3 bar preasure pump and regulator. Also fuel should be circulating in order to prevent boiling it behind the engine, do You know anything about this fenomenon Kawboy? I have a spare tank to weld some things in it if needed. Ok ill post something more when I have built some stuff in near future. Like I said preasure is next on the list.
Regards Darek
I picked up an O2  sensor for fine tuning either a carb set up or fuel injection an plan on welding a bung in the exhaust after the collectors to monitor the exhaust and be able to tune better than reading spark plugs and tuning. 

Fuel pump wise- I've calculated it out and a 40 L/hr pump will do the job and keep the electrical load down at 1.5 amps. Jumping up to 60 L/hr gets more flow but now you jump up to 5 amps draw on the electrical side. I would be more worried about fuel boil with the carbs and hot float bowls but that doesn't seem to be a problem. No one worries about a dark fuel tank sitting out in full sunlight heating up the fuel, so is it a problem?. Probably not.

The regulator- any regulator set at 43 psi will do the job since most are capable of  many times more flow than what the 1300 will need. I would be more concerned about regulator selection if I was looking for a regulator to match up to a 1000 L/hr pump.

Lots to think about when designing a system with an assortment of components rather than adopting a system from an already running set up.

All interesting work to me.

Things that really get me excited are finding out about bikes like the  Crighton CR700W . Take a design engineer who worked for Norton on the rotary engine Interceptors and get him working with Rotron rotary engines and come up with a 690cc rotary that pumps out 220 HP. Yikes !! And put that engine in a frame and end up with a motorcycle with a total weight of 277lbs.  I hope the handle bars are titanium so they don't bend on acceleration.

Then there's the  Konigsegg Gemera  I would have died and gone to heaven for an opportunity to work for Christian Konigseeg. Prue genius. 3 cylinder 2 liter bi-turbo  free valve engine pulling 600 hp  Then combine that with 1100 hp of electric motors for a total of 1700 hp and 11,000 Nm of wheel torque Does it dome with G suits for the driver and passengers??

Then completely off topic, If I won the Lotto Max, I would have to build a net zero house and there's a myriad of ideas to consider in putting one of those together. Window insulation technologies up in the R25 range. Windows that double as photo voltaic cells. Shingles that look like shingles but are photovoltaic panels.

Oh, if I could only roll back the clock and do it all over again. I can remember being 20 years old trying to figure out what kind of life I wanted and coming up blank. I get excited seeing all of the new technologies and all of them pull me in many directions. I could have so much fun !!!

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Fuel injection trigger options. 2 months 3 weeks ago #31783

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You mentioned "pure genius", Kawboy.  I am still absolutely amazed that engineers a hundred years ago made engines run as good as they do.  I didn't even know what a spark advancer was two years ago, but to think how camshafts, points system, spark advancer, and the carburetor (a genius device in itself with multiple circuits that know just when to work) all come together to make the old engines run perfect.  Forgotten geniuses who deserve shrines built in their honor, but then, the motorcycle is just that.
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Fuel injection trigger options. 2 months 2 weeks ago #31817

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So, MAX9926 conditioner have arrived. I also made the VR sensor adapter plate. And some pictures of signal logging through tuner studio.
I got some voltage reluctors from different bikes but still they wont feet in the distributor.
next trying different trigger wheels.


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